NaslovnicaEnglish NewsReligious issue should be resolved in order to overcome divisions

Religious issue should be resolved in order to overcome divisions

Podgorica, (MINA) – The religious issue needs to be resolved in order to overcome divisions, which have become the doom of the modern Montenegro which seriously limits its progress, DPS leader Milo Djukanovic has stated.

Djukanovic stated that his party’s task is to oppose those who are trying to drag Montenegro back and to deny its religious and cultural identity, adding that this is giving rise to ‘the sinister skepticism that has unfortunately followed our historic existence’.

“Which questions why a nation without its own national, cultural and religious identity would need a state in the first place. Why would the people of the same national, cultural and religious identity live in two different states, why don’t we live in one country,” Djukanovic explained.

The DPS president argues that this is only a trap that seeks to deny the results that have been achieved in the recent past.

“And that is trying to deny this final step that we are taking, with which we are trying to fully establish the state, cultural, national and religious identity of Montenegro and Montenegrins,” Djukanovic said.

He underline that this is not being done in order to deepen the divides in Montenegro, or to retaliate for some historic injustices done to Montenegro and Montenegrins.

“We are doing this in order to strengthen the stability of our country, which is unfortunately constantly threatened by the Serbian Orthodox Church, which is trying in a certain way to preserve the position of a time bomb in the foundations of the Montenegrin state,” Djukanovic said.

The DPS leader argues that this is an attempt to overcome divides and contribute to a reconciliation in the country.

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