NaslovnicaEnglish NewsInstead of working group Parliament should set up interim committee

Instead of working group Parliament should set up interim committee

Podgorica, (MINA) – Instead of setting up a working group, the Parliament should establish an interim committee for the drafting of new election legislation and its continual monitoring, with a clearly defined purpose, work methodology and responsibilities, independent MP Aleksandar Damjanovic argues.

Damjanovic remarked that the current proportional electoral model, with closed list and the D’Hont formula, applicable rules of the financing of political parties and election campaigns, including rules governing voters’ place or residence and the electoral roll, have served to ‘freeze the political relations between the ruling establishment and the opposition for more than twenty years’.

“Therefore, any dialogue about a change of the election legislation and its implementation must start by defining a change in the electoral model towards open lists or possibly even a combination of proportional and majority electoral model, with the possibility of individual candidacies, in line with the constitutional principle of direct election of citizens’ representatives,” Damjanovic told Mina.

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