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August 18, 2022.
NaslovnicaEnglish NewsBoycott termination dubbed victory of ruling majority

Boycott termination dubbed victory of ruling majority

Podgorica, (MINA) – Termination of the opposition’s boycott is a victory of the ruling majority, the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) stated, and called upon the Democrats to show responsible attitude towards the work of the Electoral Legislation Committee and the responsibilities they have assumed.

They reiterated that following numerous calls by the ruling majority, the Democrats delegated two members in the committee, which was formed by DPS with its coalition partners.

“We want to invite them now to take a responsible attitude towards the work and assumed obligations”, DPS stated.

They add that the fact that the Democrats broke recklessly given word and stopped boycott, which is, according to them, praiseworthy, since it is a much more mature move than persistent denying of reality.

“Political life in Montenegro is happening in the institutions, and boycott was bad tactics which cost this party significant part of the voters”, the press release stated.

The ruling party stated that they won by forcing the opposition to stop the boycott.

In a Democrats’ reaction, vice-president Momo Koprivica said that this DPS’s press release clearly render the first consequences of, as he put it, strong political earthquake that shakes the ranks of the biggest electoral manipulator in the Balkans.

Koprivica stressed out that the current Electoral Reform Committee is established on the foundations of the Brussels Plan, by insisting of the Democrats and the international community.

“The current Committee has nothing to do with the Committee for cosmetic changes according to Gvozdenovic’s plan, since the Democrats did not take part in that Committee. Its only participants were DPS and DF, and it was another one in the row of the models created for staging reforms and changing the electoral will of the citizens”, said Koprivica.
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