Naslovnica English News Business News Valorization of Duklja archeological site planned

Valorization of Duklja archeological site planned

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – The Tourism Organization of Podgorica believes that valorization of the tourism potentials of the archeological site Duklja, which has new posts, benches and bins, will improve the cultural and tourism products of the Capital City and whole Montenegro.

Director of TO Podgorica Tatjana Popovic says in a press release that the valorization of this major archeological site will give a significant contribution to the cultural and tourism products of Podgorica and Montenegro.

According to a press release issued by the TO Podgorica, new posts, benches, bins, a drinking fountain and a pedestrian path are available at the archeological site.

Moreover, a brochure on Duklja is now available in two languages at the info desk set up to provide information to the visitors and register the number of visits.

The valorization of Duklja in the tourism industry is one of the activities envisaged by the EU Interreg project RiTour “Valorization of Cultural and Natural Heritage through Cross-border Cooperation of Urban Tourist Destinations on the Adriatic Basin Karst Rivers – RiTour”.

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