Naslovnica English News Police break cocaine smuggling ring

Police break cocaine smuggling ring

Podgorica, (MINA) – The Montenegrin police have arrested seven persons, breaking an international cocaine smuggling ring from Columbia to Montenegro, the Police Administration has announced.

Reportedly, the police and the Special State Prosecutor’s Office have jointly conducted operation Magnifico, filing criminal charges against 11 individuals, seven of whom have been arrested.

“The police […] have taken actions that have resulted in identifying a criminal organization which is believed to have been involved in international cocaine smuggling over a long period of time,” the police said in a press statement.

As part of the operation, the police searched the premises of the suspects at eleven locations in the city of Tivat.

“During the search operations, the police discovered and seized cocaine, precision scales, large amount of money, luxury cars, weapons and ammunition and other luxury items which are believed to have been obtained from illegal money,” the statement explains.

The police investigation suggests that the members of the criminal organization have acquired large financial gain which they have tried to legalize through a money laundering scheme.

“The case of Magnifico is an example of exceptional international cooperation between the police and partner services of other countries,” the police statement concludes.

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