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Podgorica and Tirana to intensify cooperation

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – Mayor of Podgorica Ivan Vukovic has said that Montenegro and Albania have excellent political relations, which provide an very good foundations for the establishment and intensification of cooperation between their local administrations, particularly between their capitals, Podgorica and Tirana.

At a meeting with Ambassador of Albania Ridi Kurtezi, he said that the local administration was focused on the IPA-funded cross-border cooperation projects.

“In that field, there is a lot of potential for concrete activities and cooperation between Podgorica and Albanian cities, particularly Scutari and Tirana,” said Vukovic.


According to a press release issued by the PG Bureau, the two officials agreed that Montenegro and Albania shared the Euro-Atlantic prospects and European future, and that their success on that path was also common achievement of the two countries and the region in general.

Vukovic expressed satisfaction with an increase in the number of Albanian tourists in Montenegro and Podgorica and vice versa, saying that it was a good indicator of mutual respect and the need to learn from each other.

Kurtezi said that he was satisfied with an excellent communication and cooperation between the two countries, expressing his belief that this practice would be followed by their local communities, particularly the capital cities.


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