Naslovnica English News Link between lack of self-regulation bodies and ethical standards violation

Link between lack of self-regulation bodies and ethical standards violation

Podgorica, (MINA) – In Montenegro, alike every other country, exists correlation between lack of self-regulatory bodies that function well and violation of ethical and other professional standards in media production, OSCE Mission in Montenegro stated.

The Mission told Mina that there are other factors that could create atmosphere that can bring to violation of the Code of Ethics.

“Among those factors are media literacy, lack of financial means for the media outlets, insufficiently trained journalists, lack of legal provisions”, the Mission representatives stated.

The Mission, according to its representatives, developed this March, in close cooperation with the Technical Self-regulation Steering Committee, the Guidelines for application of the Section 2.8 of the Montenegrin journalists’ Code of Ethics, regarding comment moderation on the Internet.

“At this moment, if ethic code is being properly applied, it offers enough guidelines for professional media reporting and protection of consumers of media content”, the Mission believes.

The Mission stated that revised Code of Ethics was adopted in 2016 and gives further guidelines for professional media reporting.

They remarked that the Mission will continue supporting all existing self-regulation mechanisms, so that the public would be completely protected from possible violations of Code of Ethics.

“However, it is the responsibility of all interested stakeholders, including media and the public, to advocate the highest professional standards and responsibility in media production”, the Mission concluded.

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