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Eurosuper 95 price higher than regional average

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – The price of Eurosuper 95 in Montenegro is higher, while Eurodiesel is lower than average in the region.

According to the Bulletin published by the Ministry of Economy, Eurosuper 95 costs €1.29 in Montenegro, €1.33 in Croatia and €1.46 in Albania.

The cheapest Eurosuper 95 is sold in Serbia (€1.26), North Macedonia (€1.09) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (€1.15).

One litre of Eurodiesel costs €1.21 in Montenegro, €1.45 in Albania, €1.36 in Serbia, and €1.33 in Croatia.

It is cheaper in Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia, where it costs €1.18 and €0.99 respectively.

The last change of fuel prices in Montenegro took place on 20 August, when the price of Eurosuper 98 and 95 decreased by seven and six cents respectively.


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