NaslovnicaEnglish NewsWork on strengthening of key mechanism in field of environmental protection

Work on strengthening of key mechanism in field of environmental protection

Podgorica, (MINA) – UNDP will work on strengthening of the Eco Fund, the key mechanism for supporting projects in the field of environmental protection, climate changes and energy efficiency at local and national levels, said portfolio manager of that organization Sasa Popovic.

According to him, considering that establishing and functioning of the Eco Fund requires additional knowledge and expertise, UNDP will offer expert support to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and work on institutional and technical strengthening of that institution in the field of environmental protection and climate changes.

Popovic said in an interview to Mina that establishing of the Eco fund is an important step in implementation of the environmental protection policy and the climate and energy policy in Montenegro, in particular in regard to meeting the requirements from chapter 27.

According to him, closing of chapter 27 is hard to predict, considering the complexity of its contents, however, he added that institutional, technical, personnel and financial capacities of Montenegro will be put on test.

“The fact that negotiation chapter 27 is open is a success itself, since it is a step closer to aligning the national legislation with the EU regulations”, said Popovic.

He said that the part regarding transposition of the legislation is mostly completed, and that implementation of the regulations and EU standards is yet to come, which will contribute to improving the quality of life of the citizens and meeting the closing benchmarks for closing that chapter.

Popovic stated that the Fund will act as an initiator of the economic and infrastructure development of Montenegro, and positive effects are in particular expected in the plan of opening of new green jobs, tax policies and sustainable use of natural resources.

Asked if the awareness on necessity of undertaking all possible activities to protect national resources is sufficiently developed among the citizens, he responded that raising of ecological awareness is the key part of managing the environment.

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