NaslovnicaEnglish NewsMarkovic: Government appreciates NGOs’ contribution

Markovic: Government appreciates NGOs’ contribution

Podgorica, (MINA) – The Government is committed to constructive dialogue with the representatives of the civil sector because, as a decision maker, it wants them to be a reflection of the whole society, Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said.

During the meeting with the NGO sector representatives in Bijelo Polje, he said that the dialogue with the NGO sector is necessary and that they appreciate the contribution of the civil sector to policy implementation.

The government, Markovic added, is attentive to the suggestions and criticisms that come from the civil sector and creates responses in a systematic and sustainable way.

He remarked that the Government does not claim achieved results to itself, although it is presented in the public as the only responsible subject in case success is lacking.

According to the PM, successes in fulfilling the European agenda are the result of the joint work of the government and civil society organizations that are a part of the negotiating structure.

Markovic spoke about the areas of joint work and problem solving, and praised the contribution of the NGOs from the north to environmental issues.

He recalled the examples of recent the river Cehotina pollution in Pljevlja and Lim in Bijelo Polje, where the state responded through cooperation with the local NGOs.
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