NaslovnicaEnglish NewsConsistent in reaching good neighborly and European goals

Consistent in reaching good neighborly and European goals

Podgorica, (MINA) – Montenegro and Kosovo remain committed to good neighborly, European and Euro-Atlantic goals, as well as economic cooperation, in particular infrastructure development, said Prime Minister Dusko Markovic.

He said that during the official meeting with Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj in Pristina.

The Prime Minister thanked to Kosovo government and its president for their efforts in making Montenegrin community in Kosovo recognizable and visible.

“Mr. Haradinaj convinced me at this meeting that the Montenegrin community will be institutionally recognized in the future,” Markovic said.

He remarked that the meeting discussed bilateral relations, above all economic cooperation and infrastructure projects.

According to Markovic, infrastructure development is a key assumption and foundation for faster development.

The prime ministers of Montenegro and Kosovo agreed that today’s opening of the motorway from Pristina to the border of Kosovo and Macedonia is not valuable only for these two countries, but for the entire region.

Markovic said that the meeting also discussed the improvement of infrastructure in the border area, on the routes Pec – Rozaje and Plav – Decane, adding that the citizens from the both sides of the border request it.

“Montenegro is at the disposal of our friends from Kosovo to share all its experiences and support we had reaching membership in NATO and, of course, our experience in the EU negotiating process,” Markovic said.

Haradinaj, according to the press release, agreed with Markovic, saying that Montenegro and Kosovo remain friends, committed to their strategic interests, not only related to good-neighborly relations, but European and Euro-Atlantic also.

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