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Code of Ethics must be continuously updated

Podgorica, (MINA) – The Journalists’ Code of Ethics must be constantly updated in line with the technological progress that brings new forms of violation of ethical norms, while it is impossible to impose a single code to all journalists, said president of Association of Croatian Journalists and Publicists (HNIP) Katja Kusec.

Speaking about regulation of the violation of Code of Ethics of Croatian journalists, she told Mina that media associations have their own codes which are not binding to anyone except their membership, and do not envisage other sanctions except issuing warnings, while media companies have their own codes which envisage sanctions.

There is no a self-regulatory body in Montenegro tasked with controlling violation of laws by media. Asked if non-existence of such body creates a climate in which the Code is violated, Kusec responded that such body exists in Croatia.

“Such body exists, but suffers from partiality to the advantage of left-wing and liberal ideologies, which have been imposed as the only political ideology operational system of the West”, claims Kusec.

Asked how violations of the code in online media and user comments can be regulated, she responded that the code of ethics do not cover online comments, since those are not produced by professional journalists, but ordinary people who are usually hiding their identity.

However, according to her, companies such as Facebook and Twitter arbitrate ideologically, and have double standards towards various forms of hate speech and totalitarian ideologies.

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