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August 15, 2022.
NaslovnicaEnglish NewsLekic: Unchanged electoral conditions would be gift to regime

Lekic: Unchanged electoral conditions would be gift to regime

Podgorica, (MINA) – The status quo in the electoral conditions would be a gift to the ruling party and the proved users of political and electoral corruption, said Demos leader Miodrag Lekic.

He told Mina that this party will support any joint attempt of improvement of electoral legislation and conditions for at least elementary free and fair elections.

According to him, Demos believes that it is in the interest of all democratic public if the opposition would join forces in that job.

“When I say to join forces, I mean both serious professional and political work on comprehensive reform of electoral legislation, and determination to, using democratic methods, not allow simulation of performing the whole work by the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) and its partners”, Lekic explained.

According to him, if such a simulation would happen, the opposition has democratic capacity and public responsibility to leave its further work, with the explanation to the domestic and foreign public, in particular the EU.

Lekic stressed that Demos does not want to influence any political subject in their decision on the current situation, adding that everyone should take their part of responsibility for their public opinions and ways of addressing them in the public.

He said that no one wants to cause potential impression in the public about auto-genocidal character of the opposition which would reject to participate in serious attempt of the reform of the electoral conditions and legislation.

It would be, according to Lekic, bizarre that in the situation where all the parties expressed readiness to participate in the work of the parliamentary Committee, no one is willing to take part in it.

He warned that the Agreement is only a framework, and that real challenge comes with the beginning of the Committee’s work.

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