Naslovnica English News Kalezic: Support to law should not be subject of calculations

Kalezic: Support to law should not be subject of calculations

Podgorica, (MINA) – Support to the Law on Life Partnership of the Same Sex Persons should not be the subject of calculations, said NGO Queer Montenegro Steering Committee chair Danijel Kalezic.

Kalezic said that this NGO expects that the law, on which the MPs should vote this week, will be passed.

“We believe in the support of the MPs who are aware enough that supporting this law should not be a subject of any calculation, since it is the law that affects a number of citizens and human rights in general”, Kalezic told Mina.

According to him, not only LGBT persons will feel benefits from this law, but all social groups which are disadvantaged and the society in general.

“If general population realizes that our human rights must be respected, gradually on that path of understanding differences and accepting others even different people in our society will have more capacity to understand others”, Kalezic explained.

He said that adopting that law will also continue to the process of the EU integration.

Asked to access the current position of LGBT community in Montenegro, in comparison to the period of five years ago, Kalezic said that the position is now much better, but still not good, since human rights of LGBT persons are not respected as they should be.

Asked if he notices changes in the citizens’ attitude, and if the pride parades contributed to that, he said that there is definitely change of attitude.


“According to the surveys, this year we finally have positive change of opinions among the citizens about our human rights, as well as the Law on Same Sex Partnership. From 18% support in 2016 we reached 55%”, Kalezic emphasized.

Asked about the cooperation with the police administration regarding safety of LGBT persons, Kalezic said that it is high quality, and that if such cooperation existed with other institutions they would be free.

Asked about the cooperation with the prosecution, he said that there was a lot of misunderstandings in regard to qualifying of cases against LGBT persons, but added that certain progress was made. Longer version of article is available on a link MINA ENGLISH SERVIS