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Journalists urged to report professionally on affairs

Podgorica, (MINA) – The Union of Professional Journalists of Montenegro (DPNCG) has called upon their colleagues to report professionally on the affairs and not forget that they should serve public interest.

DNPCG Secretary General Mila Radunovic has stated that, as was the case in the previous affairs, the journalism stumbled when it came to the Envelope and Atlas affairs and forgot its own purpose.

She emphasized that politicians and media owners should not interfere in the professional work of the journalists or impose themselves as supreme referees and publically label journalists as good or bad.

“Unfortunately, we have seen such cases in the previous days, in particular following the TV shows in which the guests were the head of state and the Chief Special Prosecutor”, Radunovic said.

It is unacceptable, she claims, that parties mock journalists when they do not like their questions.

Radulovic said that it is unprofessional to ask for a prosecutor’s opinion whether media should report on topics of public interest, which point to corruption or abuses of power by top officials of the ruling party and the government.

She remarked that journalists should not forget the Code of Ethics.

DPNCG called on their colleagues not to let journalist profession decline even more, to become even more degraded.

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