NaslovnicaEnglish NewsFreedom of expression requirement for progress on EU path

Freedom of expression requirement for progress on EU path

Podgorica, (MINA) – Guaranteeing freedom of expression is a requirement for making progress on the EU path, said Director General for Neighborhood and Enlargement policy Christian Danielsson and added that freedom of expression and media freedom are not negotiable.

He said that it was his pleasure to open the third Media Days and added that during these two days the attention will be directed towards the situation in media freedoms and sustainability of independent media in the region.

According to him, the EU-Western Balkans Media Days were launched three years ago with two main goals: to express concern regarding political and other pressures media outlets and journalists are facing and to broaden the scope of the debate.

Danielsson said that freedom of expression and media freedom are the foundations on which the EU has been built, and that guaranteeing those two freedoms is a requirement for advancing on the path towards the EU.

“Independent and quality media are not only crucial for providing factual and trustworthy information which enable citizens to make informed decisions and to participate actively in the democratic process. They are also crucial for holding governments to account, representing in this function a key ally in the full-scale implementation of the rule of law”, said he, adding that that is why we must defend independent journalism.

He said that it was time for partners from the Western Balkans to start serious reforms in their media sector and show commitment to EU values and standards.

Leaving Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Policy Johannes Hahn said in a a video message that media freedoms are under threat globally, and that media freedoms are in “the heart” of the Western Balkans strategy.

He said that there will be no progress on the EU path without protection of media freedoms and freedom of expression.

Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanovic said that high ethical principles and self-regulation are extremely important and that media are the best government controllers when they are independent in their work.

He stressed that all cases of the attacks against journalists and their property must be resolved.

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