Naslovnica English News Business News €64.67 million worth of government bonds sold

€64.67 million worth of government bonds sold

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – A total of 64,520 government bonds, worth €64.67 million, were sold on the Montenegro Stock Exchange today, which is approximately 34 percent of the issue.

The Montenegro Stock Exchange says in a press release that, according to unofficial information, the bonds were bought mainly by insurance companies, banks, regional investors and a small number of citizens.

The transactions were carried out through three brokerage firms and two banks. The value of the bond is €1,000.

“Since the auction has not resulted in the sale of all bonds, the primary sale will continue tomorrow,” Montenegro Stock Exchange announced.

The purpose of the auction was to collect the funds for financing of the state budget. Longer version of article is available on a link MINA ENGLISH SERVIS


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