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Credibility dubbed chance for media sustainability

Podgorica, (MINA) – Media should be aware that only by investing in their credibility they have a chance to survive, which takes a lot of time, said member of Raskrinkavanje.ba team and president of the Civic Association Why Not Darko Brkan.

Brkan told Mina that it is the mix of media literacy among the citizens and consumers of media contents, sense of responsibility of the media and media owners, parallel standards, and regulation of censorship and self-censorship.

“There are so many factor that contribute to that. In terms of the code of ethics, we need to approach it in much modern manner than we do today”, said Brkan, adding that the approach should be more adjusted to online media.

Asked if lack of a self-regulatory body that would control media laws violation in Montenegro creates the climate in which the code violations happen, he answered that it is certainly necessary to have a self-regulatory body which would serve to the journalists to get to better practices.

“What the self-regulation bodies and codes do not give to the readers is the sense of being protected”, claims Brkan.

According to him, new mechanism should be found for that, and one of them is raskrinkavanje.ba method.

Brkan remarked that journalism evolved, in particular lately in terms of online media, and thus the code should be updated accordingly.

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