NaslovnicaEnglish NewsBulatovic: Stankovic and Katnic broke the law

Bulatovic: Stankovic and Katnic broke the law

Podgorica, (MINA) – The Anti-Corruption Committee Chair Predrag Bulatovic said that Supreme and Special public prosecutors, Ivica Stankovic and Milivoje Katnic, by refusing to present the special report on the Envelope affair and attend the session of this body, broke the law and that they will inform the Parliament Speaker about that.

Bulatovic said that, depending on the Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic’s decision, they will initiate the amendments to the Parliament Rules of Procedure, which would request the Anti-Corruption Committee to be abolished.

The opposition believe that the procedure for Stankovic and Katnic’s discharge should be initiated.

Bulatovic said that Katnic informed them that he would not attend the session, but that they did not receive response from Stankovic, although they are obliged by the law to take part in the work of the parliament and its working bodies.

Bulatovic claims that thus they broke the practice that existed in the parliament and the Committee, and reiterated that on several occasions before the supreme and special prosecutors took part in the Committee’s work.

He said that it was agreed that the Committee should have discussed the chapters 23 and 24 in September, but that they did not receive the report from the chief negotiator and head of the group for negotiation chapter 23.

“This is receiving a new dimension since now the government’s civil servants are ignoring us”, said Bulatovic.

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