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An absolute market leader in mobile security

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – The founder of IPification Harry Cheung says that the company’s authentication has no real competition in the mobile security market, adding that this form of database protection against cyber-attacks has recently became available in Montenegro.

Cheung, who is also Vice-President of the Hong Kong-based company which developed this advanced solution, came to Montenegro to sign a cooperation agreement with Crnogorski Telekom, according to which the operator will be offering IPification authentication to itsbusiness partners other companies.

“IPification actually has no real competition in the mobile security market, as it makes databases resistant to hacker attacks,” Cheung told Mina-business agency, adding that it was more userfriendly than specialized applications.

According to him, the popular biometric verification is not the best solution in terms of privacy, as it is based on the personal features of the users.

He said that IPification uses the information on a mobile device, SIM card and other data the mobile operator has in order to obtain feedback confirming the user’s identity.

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