NaslovnicaEnglish NewsAbazovic: DPS does not stand chance in free elections

Abazovic: DPS does not stand chance in free elections

Podgorica, (MINA) – Opposition should set two requests- electoral reform and a caretaker government or the boycott of the elections should ensue, said leader of the Civic Movement URA Dritan Abazovic, adding that the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) stands no chance in a free elections.

Asked to assess the relations in the opposition and if it could threaten DPS in the next elections, Abazovic told Mina that political differences within the opposition are not unknown to the countries that chose pluralism.

“We did not have opposition unity in 2016, but DPS was defeated and saved itself by the so-called failed coup, buying of the votes for the Social Democrats and giving away the votes to the Croatian Civic Initiative in Zabljak and Pljevlja”, said he.

Abazovic said that the opposition must better set its priorities. According to him, if the opposition would agree to come forward with two requests- electoral reform and a caretaker government, or boycott of the elections, the situation would be easily solved.

Asked to comment on the events in the Electoral Reform Committee, he wished the opposition all the luck in working of that body, and added that for URA that form is insufficient and just a cosmetic change of the democratic processes.

Asked if there was enough time for high quality reform of the electoral legislation, he said that the Brussels plan had sense in June last year, but in the meantime a lot of time has been lost, many affairs happened, and now new approach is necessary.

Asked if he expected that the rest of opposition parties would take part in the protests of the Resist Movement announced for 30 September, Abazovic said that for URA every initiative that has pressuring the government as its goal is acceptable.

According to Abazovic, the energy among the people is perhaps not that high as it was last spring, but many affairs happened in the meantime and dissatisfaction among the citizens is as high as it wsa several months ago, and should be channeled in right direction.

Asked if the Agreement on the Future, signed by the representatives of the Resist Movement and the opposition MPs, is practically dead, and if so, who is to be held responsible for that, he said that for URA every signed agreement is valid.

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