NaslovnicaEnglish NewsRudovic: It is impossible to form single self-regulatory body

Rudovic: It is impossible to form single self-regulatory body

Podgorica, (MINA) – It is impossible to form a single self-regulatory body in Montenegro which would gather all relevant media outlets, both pro-governmental and the criticizers of the regime, said former Vijesti daily editor Nedjeljko Rudovic.

He believes that once they stop being treated as party officials tasked to attack the colleagues from the opposition media, it is possible to have them all sit at one table.

As a former member of the Journalists Self-Regulatory Body (NST), he reiterated that concrete reason for falling apart of that body was an interview with Stanko Subotic by one of the NST Council’s members, in which he spared Subotic of any unpleasant question.

“Essentially, the reason was a phase of abuses by pro-governmental media and the attempts of their representatives not to record new code violations”, Rudovic told Mina.

He stressed that the press code in general gives answers to the key challenges of professional and responsible journalism.

“Therefore I do not believe that it should be often revised, in particular if all the norms regarding new media would be built in it, which are the fruit of the digital revolution. All potentially new situations could be solved by a stance taken by a self-regulatory body, and until that stance is confirmed by time and practice as right, it is not necessary to revise the code very often”, Rudovic said.

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