NaslovnicaEnglish NewsMunicipalities advised to make use of EU accession talks on Chapter 27

Municipalities advised to make use of EU accession talks on Chapter 27

Podgorica, (MINA) – Montenegrin municipalities, especially the Municipality of Petnjica, as a new and underdeveloped municipality, should use the EU accession talks on Chapter 27 to their advantage, university professor Salija Adrovic has stated.

Professor Adrovic argues that the priority task is the production of spatial planning documents and action plans.

“That is a huge opportunity for the development of a sewage system and a collector, a sanitary landfill, sanitary protection of water sources, regulation and protection of streams,” Adrovic told Mina.

According to him, the opening of Chapter 27 will require a lot of effort, but it will mean a lot for Montenegro.

“In addition to affirming Montenegro as the ecological state, it will introduce European standards for attitude towards the resources on which we and the future generations depend. Environmental protection will enable sustainable development, create conditions for a healthier life and teach us to protect our environment for ourselves,” Adrovic stated.

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